A new home for the laying chickens

Andy spent most all of last Thursday evening (and Friday morning) making the space in the chicken house bigger for the layers. A few days earlier he had powerwashed the right side of the building. We had to staple up some chicken wire to cover windows and to divide the right side in half. He also installed an old door that he found in the summer kitchen. All this to go on a weekend hunting trip (in Iowa, no less). The birds love their bigger area. And Linus is in love with the birds. He is not really scared of them and loves being out with them. He’s going to be my chicken kid.

On Tuesday we put up the portable electric fence for the birds. They are slowly learning the power of the fence and slowly exploring their new territory. It is so fun to watch them.

One thought on “A new home for the laying chickens

  1. MomMom November 9, 2011 / 12:37 pm

    DAMN! I wish we could have put the kids into the electric fence section!! :))

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