Thanksgiving turkey

Although the turkeys weren’t yet market weight, Andy decided we needed to butcher two of them to see how they would compare against the store-bought turkey that would be at the Springer family Thanksgiving. His cousin Adam was in the area on Wednesday, and since he is gullible always up for an adventure, he helped Andy and I got to watch.

Lucy was home from school, so she was able to witness her first butchering. We used our neighbor’s fryer setup and a metal trashcan for the scalding process, as we still can’t get our scalder to work.

Scalding the turkey after the kill. To kill this time, Andy cut the throat while Adam used his full body weight to hold the bird down to prevent the meat from bruising. Another reason why I’m glad he was here…wonder if we can convince him to come back in a few weeks for the remaining 9 birds…

Lucy and I were watching from the porch during the plucking process. Her only comment was that it was “gross”.

Adam and Andy processing the birds. It was amazing to see how their insides compared to the chickens…obviously much bigger. Later on I looked outside to see Lucy and Linus playing with the esophagus. Andy says that he gave it to them to play with so they will learn to not be grossed out.

In the end, to be honest, it was hard to tell much of a difference between our 13 pound bird and the other Thanksgiving turkeys. I will say that the other birds were prepared by a trained chef, and that Andy put too many some interesting spices on ours. But at the end of the day I was still thankful for the way that we had raised them, and knowing exactly what I was eating.

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