The Life of a Meat Chicken, Week 1

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. The ladies over at Polyface Farms are doing a series called “The Broiler Biography“. I have enjoyed their posts so much I thought I would do it here too.

Wrightway Farm meat chicken, two days old

At Wrightway Farm the kids have gotten used to calling our broilers meat chickens. In fact, anything we are going to eat starts with the word meat…meat chickens, meat turkeys, meat rabbits, and “Meat” the whether (male sheep). Our third batch of chickens for the summer arrived on Tuesday. After breaking through their shells at the hatchery they are packed up and mailed to us. Bright and early the next day we receive a call from the post office to come and get our chickens, ASAP!

When they arrive here they are carefully moved into our old watering trough/brooding pen. New bedding is placed on the old- this provides warmth and allows the birds to start scratching for bugs. The waterer and feeder are cleaned and sterilized between batches.

The pen ready for the new batch.

Andy always likes to place them in gently and show about half the birds where the water and food are located.

Placing the birds in the brooder

The little fluff balls love to sleep their first few days and huddle together to keep warm. They are so cute at this stage…hard to imagine in 8 weeks they will be ready to eat.

Sleeping chicks (with a few turkeys and breeding chickens in there too)



One thought on “The Life of a Meat Chicken, Week 1

  1. David Stewart August 31, 2012 / 4:10 am

    I can picture where that all is now. It’s amazing that they grow that fast.

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