Harmonious living, take 2

The sheep and chickens have been happily coexisiting for the past few days in the same fenced-in area. I think Andy had a reason for this, but also sometimes I think he just likes to experiment.

Funny story- while butchering on Saturday night, Linus came running back from showing our guests the sheep and chickens to tell me part of the fence was down. Upon arriving to restake the corners, I noticed three chickens perched on a sheep near their door. The ramp on their coop had been knocked over and their trap door was down, but they were wanting to go home and roost for the night and figured the sheep would help them get there. She didn’t seem to mind too much.


One thought on “Harmonious living, take 2

  1. A September 18, 2012 / 9:05 am


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