Food blogs (a follow friday #ff post)

On my personal blog I had the idea to share the blogs I enjoy and I thought that you all might enjoy this too. Here is the original post:

Now we come to the most tasty FF- Food! I love food. I love to eat food, I’ve learned to love to cook food, and I’m excited to now be growing and raising food! My fascination with eating good food began in college. Meeting friends from other cultures allowed me to explore true Asian cuisine for the first time. I studied abroad twice and was forced to adapt not only my tastes but also techniques. And I started reading newspaper food reviews and kept a journal so I’d know what was good and hip and fresh. This continued as we made our home in an inner suburb of Columbus where new styles and ideas on food were exploding. The reviews started coming from blogs instead of the paper, which gives everyone a voice (and some are better than others šŸ™‚

This is the longest list of blogs I follow. As I was posting these I noticed that I had put many farming blogs here too. Because food is farming and farming is food.