Moving out the chicks

Yesterday’s post was actually from a couple weeks ago (April 14). Andy sent me this picture showing Linus helping with the transfer of the meat chickens to pasture. There is an optimum age to move them out, according to Andy via Joel Salatin. So it was time for these little guys to go out. Thankfully, I think we’ve finally rounded the corner and should have warm weather from here on out. With the craziness of spring I keep holding my breath!

Chicks moving out!


Free labor


Our chickens are on a rotating pasture system made possible by a portable solar electric fence. This keeps them safe from kids predators and allows them fresh grass and bugs. When they are on the same patch for many days they turn the space to dirt. So we are using their hard work to weed one of my many flower beds. A win-win situation – less work for me and delicious eggs.