Altoid Tin Advent Calendar

I have a crafty side that I typically don’t share…I get inspired every few months either from friends or pinterest or the Internet. And I’m usually just copying someone else’s ideas.

But this one I had to share once it was done. I started with an idea but then the result is my own. I also didn’t take many step by step pictures, but it’s pretty simple to figure out and I will try to provide details.

First, you need 24 altoid tins. I saved for almost a year, and was happy to find the 10 pack at Costco.

Next, cut out a template from cardboard by tracing your lid. Then decide if you want to cover with fabric or cardstock. I chose fabric to match my Christmas banner but some fabrics are pretty sheer.

I used modge podge to glue the fabric to the tin. I chose yellow for my star and brown for the base and multicolors for the tree.


Once I laid it out I printed numbers off and used a 1.25 and 1.75 circle punches to make multilayered numbers. I glued them on with modge podge and covered the top too.

My husband cut out a 15in by 28in piece of quarter inch plywood and I spray painted it and then glued them on with my hot glue gun.

In hindsight I would’ve made it 18 in wide.

I plan on putting in coins, notes or small candies and chocolates. I’m super happy to have this handmade calendar that will last for years!