Our chickens are purchased from an Ohio hatchery and received via USPS to our farm a few days after birth. They are kept in the brooder in our chicken house for two weeks where they are fed un-medicated feed and have full access to water. After brooding, they are moved out to pasture and kept secure under our chicken tractor. The tractor is moved at least once a day, in the morning, so that the birds have fresh grass and bugs to eat. As they grow, the tractor is moved twice a day if needed. Birds are harvested around 6-8 weeks when they reach a finish weight of 5-6 lbs.

Unlike many producers, we are also butchers, processing the birds onsite and outdoors, which eliminates stress in the birds and provides a clean, airy environment. Customers pick up their whole birds on the day of butchering after they have chilled. Arrangements must be made in advance if the birds cannot be picked up and they will be frozen.

Whole chicken is $3/pound. Chicken, cut up, is $3.50/pound.

Please use this online order form to place 2017 orders. For more information call or text (614) 205-0365, or just click here.