The Life of a Meat Chicken, Week 3

The birds have moved out of the brooder and onto the floor of the chicken house. They are here for a week until they move out on pasture. In the forefront is a meat chicken. To the right is a brown pullet that will become a layer. Notice the size difference? And can you spot a turkey? We have had great success raising all these birds together, no loss in this batch!


Playtime for Turkeys

Andy has been taking the turkeys out for 10-15 min every day since yesterday to let them get used to being in the grass and foraging for their food. It is amazing to see the different birds, turkeys vs. chickens, and even the different chicken breeds, react differently to being outside. The turkeys seem to know what to do- they go for the bugs and peck around in the grass.

They also love to follow Little Sister, and she loves to push them.

Turkeys in their transporter. Notice how they are starting to get their white adult feathers?

Chickens and turkeys, oh my!

They are here! Andy went up to Meyer Hatchery¬†on Monday and picked up an innumerable amount of birds. I seriously don’t know how many he ordered. And I think he kept adding to the order once he was there!

Bringing them home.

Here are some of the babies. Anyone want to identify the breeds? I still have a lot to learn!

Big sister is a big helper!

Medium Brother and Little Sister get their first looks!

Medium Brother holding a chick for the first time!

We are raising meat chickens, meat turkeys (in time for Christmas) and laying hens. It was a little emotional for me when I met them…the last time there was livestock on the farm was when I was in high school, and I am reminded of what an awesome experience it is to care for these little creatures.