Putting up hay

Don’t let this picture fool you…I have no part in making hay. My allergies are almost too intense for me to even walk in the barn during this process, but I had just returned from a run and Linus and Schroeder were helping Andy and Grandpa John put the hay in the barn. You can tell the little guy was hard at work by the dirt and sweat. When asked, he said he was “Farmin'”. Indeed, he was!



Making hay while the sun shines

With the anticipation of purchasing some ruminants (e.g. sheep and cattle) Andy has been making hay like crazy. Also, the weather has been perfect- hot and dry. He mowed down our waterways and some other grassy areas.

After a few days to dry it was time to bale. He contracted with a local retired farmer from whom we purchased the old wagons (for the turkey shelter and chicken wagon). They spent a Saturday making square bales.

Then came the challenge of getting the bales into the barn! The next morning one of Alison’s friend’s dad was out bicycling by our house and stopped to chat with Andy, and offered to help load the bales into the hay mow, which was a blessing to us (but maybe not to him!) He and his family came over for some pizza and unloading the hay. All was well until the wagon got stuck, and we had to call our neighbor Matt to come over and pull it up the hill with his four wheel drive truck.

Many hands make quick work, and we were thankful for all the help of getting the hay safe and dry. We are counting down the days until we get our new animals!