Baby bunnies & brooding

This is actually our second litter of bunnies. Our first female had a little about a month and a half ago, and something went wrong, as sometimes happens with animals. She didn’t take care of them, and they died, and then she died. This was Lucy’s bunny, and she was a little upset, but handled it pretty well. Our other female, Kara (Sally’s bunny), had these babies three to four weeks ago, and I expected the worst again. However, Kara turned out to be a great mom and has raised six baby bunnies to the size you see below. They are so cute but we aren’t naming them. In fact, when Linus is showing them off to our visitors he says “We don’t name them because they are meat rabbits and we are going to eat them.” We’ve still had fun holding them and the girls like to give them a kiss.

Andy noticed that one of our hens was getting quite broody, and being the type of person to try anything once, he figured he’d let her sit on some eggs to see if they would hatch. She’s been on the nest for about a week now, and we’ll let you know if we get some babies. I found a great article in mother earth news about choosing the correct eggs to make sure you get female chicks (you want a more purely oval shape, and not pointed).

It has been exciting to for all of us to see these new changes in our animals and continue to learn more about them.

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